About Us


Welcome to Lakewood Group of Schools, the best private schools in Komarock Area. Our schools are located in quiet, serene and spacious compounds. The environment is satisfactorily conducive for learning. There is ample space for co-curricular activities such as football, athletics and other outdoor sports. We train our boys and girls in these sports with all the enthusiasm we can muster. Our ultimate goal is to bring out a whole person in our students. That is why our philosophy is “Every Child Has His or Her Best.”

If you are in Utawala area, check out Lakewood Premier School Utawala, out sister school offering quality services too.

Our Environment

The school is located in quiet, serene and spacious compound. It is located in Komarock area, off Kayole Spine Road.

Lakewood Schools Komarock offers the 8-4-4 curriculum. At the moment we cater for children in Baby Class, Nursery, Pre-unit and Primary School Classes 1 to 8. Our facilities are spacious with a touch of excellence. The number of pupils in a class is small and manageable. This allows for specialized attention to all students. Our services and facilities are world class yet very affordable. Our system is passion and quality driven.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in the provision of quality, affordable and holistic education for social advancement. Our single greatest idea is to make our school a citadel of excellence and a shining star among the academic giants of the modern times. Our intention is not just to be a good school but a great school; a rare fountain of knowledge in the ever-shrinking global village.

Our Mission

To provide quality, affordable and holistic education for social advancement. Every day we shall endeavor to provide high-quality education by benchmarking our standards very highly.

Our motto

Honouring God through Excellence.

Our Philosophy

Our conviction is that every child has his or her best. It is our mission to assist each student realise his/her academic goals. We believe that all students are cut for greatness and one of them is a failure. There is a gold mine in each of them. Our passion is giving the best to very child and unleashing his full potential. Our ultimate goal is bringing the best out of every student. Our satisfaction is pegged on our parent’s satisfaction. These attributes make Lakewood Group of Schools a preferred school of choice for many parents.

Information technology

To be globally competitive and relevant, we shall integrate information technology in syllabus content delivery. This will make the flow of information swift, accurate and effective. Each class shall be fitted with its own computer. Pupils will not need to move from their class during the computer lessons.

Members of Staff

The members of teaching staff are highly trained and qualified. They are dedicated to excellence. They are recruited through a well thought competence evaluation process. We undertake a continuous capacity building for our teachers to make them more competitive and effective.

Core Values



Diligence/Hard work